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  • Complaints will only be accepted within three months from the date of the behaviour or first publication of the concerned matter. Where an article remains accessible on our website, complaints will be accepted up to 12 months from the date of the behaviour or first publication of the article that you are complaining about.

  • We will consider complaints from (a) any person who has been directly affected by the matter complained of; or (b)from a representative group affected by an alleged breach of the Editor's Code which is significant and of substantial public interest; or (c) from a third party seeking to correct a significant inaccuracy of published information

  • We reserve the right to reject, without further investigation, complaints that show no breach of the Editor's Code; or that are trivial, hypothetical, gratuitously abusive or offensive, or otherwise vexatious or insignificant;


  • The complaints process is free of charge irrespective of the outcome of your complaint

  • We aim to acknowledge your complaint within 5 working days of receipt. You agree to respond promptly to any request for further information.

  • If we receive multiple complaints about the same issue we may make one response to all.

  • We will resolve your complaint within 30 days of receiving everything we need from you to allow us to investigate.

  • We will always treat you courteously and with respect. We expect the same from you.

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