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Check out my blog below for updates on upcoming events, current projects and craft tutorials but most likely just me rambling... but if you're intrigued read on! -xoxo

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Blood Lust

I am getting more and more excited and also more and more anxious about the show Friday! Its going to be a lot of fun...just have to survive this hell week of dance and softball and kids and keeping house and having a two year old monkey attached to me all week lol...oh yeah and get ready for a whole ass runway show!

I am so thankful for Khris he is an amazing partner and I wouldn't have made it through one of my Rogue shows without him by my side.

Anyway i am really going to try to get better about taking the time to actually post how I am doing whatever the hell i am doing in these progress photos I post because i know some of you are probably thinking wtf is she doing ? Half the time I do not know either hah so we can progress together... Also feel free to comment with ideas, thoughts etc

T-minus 5 days and a few hours lol... Progress tho...

Dont forget to hook your friends and family up with the presale tickets online!


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