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Check out my blog below for updates on upcoming events, current projects and craft tutorials but most likely just me rambling... but if you're intrigued read on! -xoxo

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Gone Fishin'

Ok I am so sorry everyone, know I went radio silent and I apologize…

I go through these periods of time or moods not sure what to call it or why but the idea of getting online or on my computer at all just makes me completely anxious and then I get

unmotivated creatively... so I just don't.

Sometimes I go days without looking at my phone and I lose track of how long it has actually been since I have been in contact with anyone or have taken the time to be productive in other ways besides hyper focusing on my creations.. which honestly I would be quite content just making art everyday all day and sleeping only when absolutely necessary lol. Those of you close to me know I do that now anyway.. but I am working hard to try and find a balance in it all and most importantly my time management....

That being said, I know I have 200+ notifications and messages to get back to, as well as quite a few of you on the edge of your seat wanting more details for the upcoming event… so today is dedicated to web work and all of you!

After the dust from the last show had settled I needed something to get me grounded again and motivated for the Halloween show we have coming up!! …. I know people find my creative process frustrating or confusing but there is a method to my madness.... (I think) Ok enough psychological mumbo jumbo excuses blahblahblah....

I do not remember much of my mother from my childhood but I do have one memory... as a little girl I loved to sit and watch her work on pieces for hours, she would create the most amazing oil pastel pieces her talent was immeasurable... The last piece I remember her creating was of a beautiful carousel. I cant remember what I wore last week but I can vividly remember the exact details of that piece, every color she carefully selected and the movement of her hands to blend the oils.. That memory has stuck with me and for me there is a certain feeling of magic when I see a carousel. That piece was never finished and I don't remember why or where it ended up, I think about it often and how incredible it would have been to see it finished. I think all of that is now subconscious symbol linked to my determination and dedication to my art. I can't leave this world feeling unfinished.

I have always wanted toone day create and build a carousel of my own design.. using my own limited knowledge of the actual mechanics of a carousel but make it beautiful and functional through trial and error. A few weeks ago I was laying in bed about to fall asleep and out of nowhere (which happens often) as I was drifting off to sleep it hit me! All of a sudden I knew exactly what I needed to do to make it happen. I was so excited and curious that I jumped up and started working on it right then…. so for the last two weeks this has been an important project to me both because of the challenge but also the sentiment of it all.

I have put a lot of work and thought into making this not just look like a carousel but also to function as one! I am honestly quite proud of myself for this and it completely made my day to see it starting to come together! This is no where near being a completed project but its an excellent start!

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