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Check out my blog below for updates on upcoming events, current projects and craft tutorials but most likely just me rambling... but if you're intrigued read on! -xoxo

Have a request for a tutorial you'd like to see or help with a project of your own?contact me!

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Needed some ZzZZZ....

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates.. needed some time to mentally and physically recover from our event last weekend! It was so much fun and all the models did an amazing job and I cant thank them enough for their reliability, professionalism and just for coming out and having a good time! We got some really awesome photo from the evening and I am so happy! As soon as I have a few minutes to work on the site some more I plan on creating a gallery page for all of the photos from each event, etc!

As of yesterday though I am back to work! I have several commissioned pieces I hope to have finished by this weekend! So back to making a mess and feeling creative!

Here are a few projects I started on and have been playing with the last couple days...

Had an idea for modge Podging some News Print heels.. They're obviously still not finished as I had to set them aside for now but here is the start!

I also couldn't sleep the other night because as soon as I fell asleep i jumped up with an idea for a carousel I have been wanting to build forever! So I am excited to see the progress on thsi come along =)

Ok so I've been pretty busy in the last few days, also while trying to keep the house as clean as possible with my disaster work area growing especially with Halloween coming up... poor Khris I try to throw everything back before he gets home everyday so he doesn't have to deal with it lol. My disaster....

Alright that's enough for now I have a million housey things to do before two softball games tonight ....Zzzz...

I will post about the upcoming Halloween event in my next post! For now though just FYI there are still 2 spots open for the Halloween event. I have not posted the application to the public yet, wanted to give all of you who have joined a head start! If you're interested make sure you go fill out the info for me, I will post to the public if they're still available by Friday!

Good Luck! -xoxo

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