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Check out my blog below for updates on upcoming events, current projects and craft tutorials but most likely just me rambling... but if you're intrigued read on! -xoxo

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Blah Blah Blood by Rogue

Since I am usually not good at verbally expressing my ideas I thought this might help people understand a little of what goes on in this here head of mine....

I am not good at small talk it makes me feel like a clown so I'm just going to jump right into this....

I have an awesome show coming up at Scout Bar Houston Sept 8 which I am excited for it will be my first show back for this season.

You hear people talk about seasonal depression and for me it is a real thing... only I don't get it in the winter or because of the holidays etc etc... I get mine in the summer when I feel drained and uninspired. I don't get excited and feel sexy when its summer, I get motivated and excited for the cold and for the spooky season! So just like my first show of the season last year I was just given a date and told to come up with an event... so after a few weeks of stalling and having an artist block I finally came up with the idea to do a "Blood" inspired runway show, sort of branching off from my first idea to do a "suicide" themed show.. which I worried might not be taken the right way and I should maybe ease my way into the season instead of immediately offending everyone. As someone who has been impacted greatly from a suicide in my family I thought it was a brilliant idea... especially since September happens to be "Suicide Prevention" Month. Obviously I have deterred from that idea a bit although you will still see some aspects of the origin in this upcoming show.

After doing some research and doing my google image searches creating a mental mood board I found a designer duo out of New York City with some bloody designs that tickled my fancy... most times I never really know what kind of inspiration I am looking for until I see it. So this is was so of the looks by "The Blonds" that caught my eye... and I think there's another designer or two in there...these are just a few quick grabs from my mood board.

So seeing as how my show Sept 8 is just around the corner I've started getting my butt to work... I've started a few things this weekend I am excited to see how they come out. Here are a few of my works in progress as well as a couple before and afters. I was told my process is just as intriguing as the finished products so I am trying to share more.

I know these may not look like much at the moment but I have plans for them!

Looking forward to the show Sept 8 @ Scout Bar Houston!

Go buy your ticket or buy your friend one ;)

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